What is SSL Certificate | Types of SSL certificates | SSL meaning.

What is SSL Certificate

In this article we will see What is SSL Certificate , Types of SSL Certificates , SSL meaning , Use  of SSL Certificate , What is HTTP , What is HTTPS , Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS , Where to buy SSL Certificate.


What is SSL Certificate?

Whenever we open a website, we see a lock-like structure in the address bar at the top and when we click on it, we see the connection written as secure or not secure, such is the presence of SSL Certificate and happens in those presence.

What is SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption protocol used in the Internet.
This protocol provides a secure connection between the Internet browser and websites, That allows Internet users to securely exchange their private data with other websites. ... every website has a unique SSL certificate.

If there is a lock-like structure on the address bar above the website, then it means that the connection of the website is secure and the data you will exchange with that website will be encrypted and no one else can see it. The URL of such a website starts with https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), and If there is no lock-like structure on the address bar above the website. then it means that the connection of the website is not secure, any data you exchange with those websites can be easily hacked and viewed. The URL of these websites starts with http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

There are currently three types of SSL certificates available.

    1. Extended Validation (EV SSL)

  • This SSL is made for your business, which shows your business name along with greening the address bar of the web browser. This is a highly recognized and encrypted SSL certificate.

    2. Organization Validated (OV SSL)

  • It is used to verify and provide security to the business. This gives the costumer a secure and verified website.

    3. Domain Validated (DV SSL)

  • Most bloggers and small websites use it. It provides a medium level security.

Where to buy SSL?

    Many big companies provide the service of providing SSL, some of them are GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator etc.

    And some websites provide free SSL service which are as follows. Let's Encrypt.

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